How to install cryptography extension libsodium for php7.0.27

After trying to install this extension using pecl without much success,

I had the following message

Warning cannot install module.These settings must match
To summarize, the pecl extension was not compiled with the right version of php.

The short tutorial I show you here works well and have been tested on
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and php7.0.27.


This project start because of a challenge a joomler friend of mine posted in JUG Breizh on FB on February 16th 2021 The challenge was: Given an url structure like: /parent-category/subcat-a/article-1 /parent-category/subcat-a/article-2 /parent-category/subcat-c/article-7 How to make it work with urls like: /parent-category/article-1 /parent-category/article-2 /parent-category/article-7 In other words without the subcategory


The answer to that delicious puzzle was custom router rules.


TLDR; Custom router rules injected via a system plugin onAfterInitialise event just right after Joomla! started "booting"

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