TIPS - Auto-login a Joomla! user using a PHP oneliner

Auto-login a Joomla! user using a PHP oneliner

Hello super joomlers!

A simple trick to login a Joomla! user by code rather than using a form.

Interested? Let's move on...

Here is the code:

* @var bool $result_login true on successful login, false otherwise
$result_login = Factory::getApplication()->login(
                        'username' => 'example',
                        'password' => 'mysupersecretpassword'
                        'remember' => true,
                        'silent'   => true

Interesting options:
remember: Enables remember me when auto-logged in
silent: Returns a boolean (in this case false rather than an exception if an authentication error occurs).


See you soon for new tips and tricks...

Alexandre ELISÉ

#Joomla technical problem solver. Focusing on secure coding and defensive cybersecurity #appsec #blueteam.#coderparlerpartager Now working @aproximito.

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